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the creatures

These creatures are a part of a larger, continuious, project. Dispite not fulling now what the end result may be, they still functioning as pieces to a puzzel.

There is a lot in this world that I dont understand, and not too long ago i felt the world get heavy again. When I was a younger version of myself I would rely on things like, music, movies, books and television to translate that heaviness, not having the vocabulary or full undertsanding of what was heppening to me. I couldn't communicate with myself or have self- reflection that was void of feelings of guilt and shame.

In graduate school I realized how much I hungered to be heard and understood. But, how could I manage to do that when "the call was coming from inside of the house"? So the world got heavy again. So much so, for awhile, I decided to stop being a person. Retracting inward I gave myself tools such as, metaphore, symbolism and began to spend time with books, hunting for the language that might provide clarity. These works are a by product of those feelings and experiences.

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