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         SAIC Post Baccalaureate Annual 

                                        33 W Washington 

                                            Chicago ,Illinois



                                                   308 Gallery 

                                            Chicago, Illinois


Grand Rising: On Feeling & Interbeing

School of the Art Institute Wellness Center

Chicago, Illinois


 "Muted & Mighty"

                                                   The Martin 

                                            Chicago, Illinois



                                        The Perry Family Collection 



The Private Collection of

The Nicodemo Family 


The Private Collection of

Cameron Leids 



The Private Gallery of

Mary “Claire” Powers


                                                                The Kendall Packo Collection

School Of The Art Institute of Chicago                                                                           Chicago, Illinois

Masters of Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing                                                             August 2021 - May 2023

  • Noon-time Lecture Coordinator, Administrative Assistant

School Of The Art Institute of Chicago                                                                           Chicago, Illinois

Post Bachelors Degree, Painting & Drawing                                                          August 2020 - May 2021


The Ohio State University                                                                                               Columbus, Ohio 

Bachelor of Arts, Painting & Drawing                                                                     August 2016-May 2020


Lake High School                                                                                                                 Hartville, Ohio

High School Diploma                                                                                               August 2012-May 2016

  • Vice President of Student Council, National Honor Society: organized events for my graduating class 


Painting & Drawing Teaching Fellow                                          School of the Art Institute of Chicago

August 2023 - Present 

  • Responsible for a classroom and students in bi-weekly classes

  • Constructing a full syllabus in addition to creating project based work to help further develop students painting skills

  • Lead in class critiques while helping students develop critical language 

  • Spending class time wit students in addition  to being available outside of class hours

Noon-Time Lecture Coordinator                                                 School of the Art Institute of Chicago

May 2022 - 2023 

  • Coordinating weekly events and lectures for the current graduate students that attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

  • Creating informative posters to promote Artists that are giving lectures about their work

  • Helping to connect graduating MFA students with galleries and additional services through a digital platform


Administrative Assistant in SAIC Painting & Drawing Office                                    Chicago, Illinois 

May 2022 - 2023 

  • Working closely with students and staff in an office setting, to help navigate and predict day to day needs 

  • Working closely alongside faculty to facilitate scheduling and preparing resources and materials for classes within the Painting & Drawing department.


Teaching Assistant in the StudioLabs                                          School of the Art Institute of Chicago

August - December 2021

  • Working hands on with artist Richard Deutsch to research and teach undergraduate students  about different drawing materials and their respective history.

  • Day to day upkeep with studio labs as well as submitting detailed information and logs to an administrative advisor.


Intern as Martha Evans Gallery                                                                                      Columbus, Ohio

May 2019 - July 2019

  • Working through OSU college intern program to study on the gallery side of art distribution- further understanding the relationship between artist, gallery and curator 

  • Handled day to day maintenance of gallery as well as digital presence 


Canton Museum of Art                                                                                                         Canton, Ohio

May – July 2017

  • Assisted and instructed  daily art classes for ages ranging from 6-10 and 11-14.

  • Researched and created detailed outlines and pamphlets for visiting exhibitions.

  • Coordinated collaborative events and activities for the community that coincided with shows.

  • Assisted in the unpacking, moving and the transportation of sculptures and paintings.


Ola Rondiak                                                                                                                  Brooklyn, New York July 2018

  • Working side by side with the international artist as the constructed their New York Studio space in Brooklyn

  • In trusted with transporting works to and from exhibitions, one exhibition taking place  at the Ukrainian Embassy in New York City.

  • Worked in partnership with local framing shops to restretch and prepare works for exhibitions and selling.

  • Studied and learned about the artists private history, in addition to being familiar with the historical importance of the work.

Andrée Hudson                                                                                                                Denver, Colorado June 2016

  • Moving across the country to be onsite and available for any of the artists needs 

  • Worked in her private studio and contributed to their day to day practice. 

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